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Daring Innovations


Complexity, originality and quality

Innovation is at the service of Ateliers Pichard-Balme’s vision of excellence.
We are driven by the desire to improve our daily actions and achievements.
In addition to guaranteeing high quality, we want to differentiate ourselves through innovation.
Our objective is to satisfy our clients by offering creations which combine complexity, originality and quality.

Performance & adaptability

The different types of innovation

Innovation is necessary to become more efficient
respond effectively to our customers’ expectations and propose new solutions.
Our strategy is based on three levels:

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Our approach of continuous improvement is an example of innovation in the world of jewellery manufacturing. It develops the ability to listen to our teams and integrate them into projects. This enables us to develop our workshops and our employees by training them to keep up with the changes in our professions.

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Our technical innovations allow us to evolve and gain a broader vision of our business. They also allow us to adapt more quickly to our clients' expectations, who are constantly on the lookout for solutions. We have a variety of manufacturing techniques at our disposal. In the end, we can offer original solutions that our customers appreciate because they, in turn, can differentiate themselves.

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The materials

Our concern for the environment pushes us to analyse the life cycle of our products by integrating the best material/means combinations from the eco-design stage as part of our eco-production approach.


Stepping outside the box

Innovating is a good way to position our workshops within the world of jewellery to try to influence the codes of luxury. Among all the actors in the sector, we wish to maintain our status as a French company supplying quality pieces. However, this is not enough, we must respond positively to the most adventurous designs.
Therefore, part of our activity is dedicated to research and development. To do this, we are curious and attentive to what is being developed in other sectors such as: aeronautics, art, automobiles, design and fine watchmaking.
Our creativity goes beyond the limits of classical production and we have the particularity of making handcrafted, state-of-the-art items with high added value.

A clear example:

The case of precious metal additive manufacturing

As explained above, innovation is a necessity for success.
To do this, we set up excellent joint projects with leading engineering schools, technical platforms and partner companies.

In the case of additive manufacturing, we wanted to develop our range of luxury pieces.
Some ambitious models are impossible to produce using machining or lost wax casting.
This new process appears to be the best way to produce unusual parts.
“Printing” a precious metal part is not difficult, but working on the surface finish to meet our customers’ expectations is something much more difficult.
We are currently working on this post process.
Such a project would not have been possible without the help of our partners such as the competitiveness clusters and laboratories. Innovation is an opportunity to bring together the best in each of their fields and to create expertise.