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A Philosophy of Excellence

A Philosophy of Excellence

Adaptability, curiosity and creativity

In order to respond to every request and maintain our level of excellence:
we are constantly in the process of reinventing ourselves. We are adaptable, curious and creative. Our leitmotiv is benevolence, allowing each of our talents to be revealed in a welcoming and stimulating environment.

Representing the French craft industry but also a modern industry, we are uncompromising about the quality of our products, down to the smallest detail. This passion for perfection allows us to produce exceptional pieces.

Learning & Transmission

A long-term vision

Pichard-Balme is a friendly, responsible business that has been a place of learning and handing down since the 19th century.
Our aim is to preserve the unique skills of the French heritage. But also to integrate the power of modern tools into our work. Each of our employees has the opportunity to discover and accomplish themselves within our workshops.
We design and manufacture parts for our clients. Each of our actions forms part of a longevity approach, with the aim of ensuring an impeccable service and the longevity of our workshops.
We also have a responsibility to preserve our environment in order to guarantee a healthier future by limiting our impact.


Versatility, key to our success

Expertise is passed on, machines are replaced.
Our strength lies in our ability to handle a request entirely within our Saumur workshops.
We have a wealth of talent at our disposal, as well as a variety of cutting-edge technologies that can meet the most demanding requirements.
Our teams are coordinated by managers who are concerned about customer satisfaction.
Whether it’s for trendy or traditional pieces, we adapt to every request and offer a tailor-made service.


Operational excellence

Continuous improvement is an approach that drives us on a daily basis.
The quest for excellence and efficiency is taken into account in each of our operations in order to maintain client satisfaction and the right level of performance in the long term, while respecting our values and commitments.
This is a long-term approach and requires specific management actions.
The aim is to constantly improve the products and services of our workshops in order to get as close as possible to the notion of excellence.

Our approach

Evolution, not revolution

Since the creation of Ateliers Pichard Balme, we have been committed to product excellence. We are now rethinking the entire organisational system so that our economic and social impact is in line with our quest for excellence. This approach is not intended to revolutionise our workshops, but rather to rethink our way of acting and interacting each day. It is a path based on respect, listening, exchange, as well as demands. Continuous improvement is therefore beneficial for the positive and continuous development of the people working in our workshops in Saumur.