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Customer Service

After Sales

The Pichard-Balme Customer Service

The aim of the customer service is to provide various services on objects made of precious or base metals such as:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Upgrading
  • Customisation

In practice, after receiving your request, our experts analyse the products and transfer them to the specialised departments, and then draw up an estimate. After carrying out the various operations requested, we carry out a quality control to confirm that your request has been met, and then we ship the parts. Throughout the process, our team is at your disposal to assist you as best as possible.

Types of after-sales service

Who is the after-sales service for?

We carry out all after-sales service operations for all the brands of the Chevalier group. The return policy depends on the different brands of the group.

Our ``Turnkey`` formula also applies to the after-sales service according to the client's request. We have a team of experts dedicated to this service in order to return your product as soon as possible in accordance with your expectations.

We carry out after-sales service operations on parts that were not manufactured at Pichard-Balme. Our traditional expertise, combined with our high-tech equipment, allows us to meet your specifications in every way. However, all after-sales service requests must first be validated by our customer service department before any parts are sent.