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Design Office


How and with what to make an exceptional piece

The design office is the interface between the production workshops and the various commercial entities. The aim of this department is to determine how and with what to manufacture an exceptional piece.
In other words, it is responsible for designing the product and determining the cost price. It is an essential support for the proper organisation of technical and commercial activities.

Step 1

Ensuring product traceability

Before manufacturing the product, it is essential to ensure its traceability. To do this, a range and a nomenclature must be set out. The range is a document that shows how the product is made and the bill of materials what it is made of.
This service requires excellent coordination with all the workshops. This is why regular updates are organised in order to readjust the product path and to inform the client of the various changes.

Step 2

Determining the cost price

The engineers must therefore demonstrate great communication skills, patience and logic so that each process can be carried out in the best possible conditions.
The other mission of the design office is to determine the cost price, which corresponds to all the costs incurred by our workshops in order to produce an exceptional part.


Increasingly complex pieces

At Pichard-Balme, we are extremely curious and we have a true culture of innovation. We are driven by novelty and enjoy developing new and ambitious collections.
We have precise client expectations that require us to constantly rethink our vision of the product in order to produce highly technical and high quality pieces. Our strength therefore lies in our ability to produce exceptional pieces that meet our clients’ expectations from fundamentally different technological and technical fields.

Client point of view

The various stages of the product journey

We have set up two product paths:

  • The classic path includes the tooling, industrialisation and production phases
  • The luxury path includes the prototype and pre-production phases, followed by industrialisation
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Taking note of the specifications

We begin by taking note of the elements transmitted by our clients: plans, digital models and any specifications. Of course, the more precise the client's expectations are, the less interpretation there will be on our part.

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Establishing the cost price

Then we establish a cost price. We pass this price on to the sales entity so that they can determine the selling price.

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Producing a first version

We produce a first version of the range and the bill of materials in order to define the elements of production between the different departments.

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Manufacture of prototypes

Once the prototype has been produced and validated, we launch a pre-production run using the final tooling and finishes.