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Sustainable Development

Our responsibility

An approach to sustainability and transmission

Pichard-Balme is committed to sustainability and transmission. Our actions are driven by the desire to design pieces that are more efficient from an economic, social and environmental point of view. Aware of the major ecological issues of our time, we conduct our activities with strict guidelines in order to ensure a controlled impact on the environment. We believe that private companies have a duty to meet this challenge. Therefore, as a player in the luxury goods industry, we must propose new production alternatives.

To bring this mission to life day after day, we have set up an Environmental Management System. We are developing a culture of environmental commitment by regularly communicating about these issues to encourage our employees to adopt good practices in our workshops and in their homes. Through raising awareness of this, we want to pass on knowledge to our employees so that everyone can take action.

Sustainable development

Act now

Our products meet the values of sustainable development. In fact, each of them has the following qualities:

  • They are manufactured with the utmost care, encouraging the use of recycled metals and thus limiting the consumption of virgin raw materials
  • Traditional manufacturing is a must, thus preserving quality local
  • They are designed to be sustainable, thus avoiding overproduction

Act sustainably

From design to delivery, our teams receive continuous training in order to offer you more environmentally friendly parts.
Product eco-design is an approach that corresponds to our environmental ambitions and takes place over a number of phases, as we take into account the various stages of the life cycle of the product.
A genuine creative approach and a powerful source of innovation and differentiation, eco-design is an environmentally friendly lever for our workshops to create value.


Let's make our environmental commitment a reality

Pichard-Balme’s environmental goals are to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce our carbon impact
  • Control our energy performance
  • Eco-design our products