Ateliers Pichard Balme

Manufacturing exceptional objects since 1833


Age-old, innovative expertise

We have the ability to combine handcrafted techniques with state-of-the-art technology.
We thus produce high quality custom-made pieces from our precious tradition.
Aware of the rarity of our expertise, we are committed to passing it on to new generations, while respecting the major challenges of sustainable development…

French craftsmanship

Our philosophy of excellence

We are adaptable, curious and creative. Our leitmotiv is benevolence, allowing each of our talents to excel in a welcoming and stimulating environment.
As ambassadors for French craftsmanship, we are uncompromising about the quality of our products, down to the smallest detail.

History & sustainability

Values of boldness, integrity and uniqueness

Historic and innovative workshops, these 3 principles have been driving us since the foundation of our brand.
Our desire is to constantly take up new challenges.
We wish to create strong and lasting links between our employees and customers.
Finally, our difference comes from the diversity of our exceptional expertise.