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Creative Studio

Design & creation

Helping you turn your ideas into reality

The creative studio’s main activity is to define and formalise the project together with our client.
It is made up of a project manager, engineers, technicians, designers, 3D modellers and a sculptor.
Midway between the commercial and artistic sectors, the objective is to produce a prototype while optimising costs and know-how.
This service therefore takes care of the design aspect from the elements provided by our clients:
oral brief, sketch, drawing, pieces to be reproduced or modified as well as all types of digital files.
Whether you have well-defined specifications or simply a drawing, our team will help you turn your ideas into reality.


Meeting the demand

For a new project, it is necessary to exchange views with our client and then bring the teams together to determine the direction to take.
The role of the project manager is to guide the entire project, from the first contact with the client to the first delivery.
This is an adventure made up of a multitude of challenges that requires a pragmatic, charismatic coordinator to answer all the questions and guide all the players: clients, production teams, purchasing department, quality and much more…


Tapping into creative energies

Throughout this process, it is essential to take stock of the situation with the teams to ensure that each operation is moving in the right direction.
The artistic sense of the employees must also be continuously developed. Launching a new project is not without its challenges. It is important to maintain this dynamic, exciting and creative environment so that everyone can approach the project as an opportunity to rethink their way of working with the aim of satisfying the customer.

We do everything possible to produce prototypes that meet the client’s expectations.
We also have the capacity to propose other options while respecting the initial price.
This approach opens up many creative possibilities that will feed the proposals of tomorrow.

Client point of view

The step of an order

Making contact with our teams
Preparation of a brief*
Project study with the team
Costing up of the project
Creation of sketches and/or 3D images
Manufacture of prototypes

The objective of this approach is to find together the best quality, price, service, time period and aesthetic ratio.
*2 options: you send us a file that we can use as a basis or together we can determine what you need.

Client point of view

The stages of a product launch

picto stylo
Receiving the marketing brief

With target cost, weight, aesthetics, finish, time delay and compliance with quality standards

picto microscope
Reflection on the techniques to be used according to the specifications

In order to comply with costs and refine the process in direct contact with the methods office

picto prototype bague
Creation of aesthetic prototypes

The possibility of creating a 3D sculpture or prototype

picto marteau
Creation of a realistic version of the product

This time using the necessary tooling

picto solitaire
Launch of a pre-production run

After validation by the client, the project manager sends the file to the production team

picto carton emballage
Launch of a finished production run

The project manager monitors and validates the smooth running of the first production batches